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Darren Burrows
Darren Burrows
Dentares made a stressful time into a positive experience. Made me feel comfortable & well cared for. All the staff are amazing, & so good at their jobs. Would highly recommend Dentares❤️
Irina Sacuka
Irina Sacuka
Came to put 6 dental implants and 26 teeth crowns. Got great experience and high service and the most important beautiful smile. I have communicated with many different clinics in Istanbul and Antalya, examined reviews in different sources, compared prices before made my choice. Finally decided on Dentares Smile Clinic. From the very beginning and till final stage Russian speaking manager Svetlana was in contact with me online and offline in communication with clinic doctor. No problem with language understanding. All communication before was in Whatsapp, replies were prompt. I havent had 3D Xrey so treatment plan was made based on my photos. I was warned that possibly there will be corrections on place when I will arrive, I was prepared. Finally price was a bit higher than I was informed because there were more manipulations made. Treatment process was devided into 2 stages- in my first visit was examination, development of treatment plan and implant installation. Price quote included transfer for whole period of stay, 3 nights in the hotel with breakfast, all examination works, needed treatment and implants. Timing was always observed, I was informed about my schedule ahead and could always plan my time effectively. For first visit I came for 5 days and covered additionally price for 2 nights at hotel, but I do recommend to come for first visit for 5 working days as 3 days seems lack of time to do all the work. They give to choose 3 hotels, the one I have chosen was very good and comfortable. All recommendations, needed medicines were received. Next my visit happened after 3 months when I came to finish treatment and put crowns on implants. I came for 7 full days, hotel in the price quote was for 5 days, so I covered it additionally. As well here I do recommend to plan 7 days instead of 5 and if you have even possibility to plan some days more, do it as you will be able to check if all the crowns fit well and you are comfortable. I'm happy with the color chosen of crowns and all the process It is already 2 months over after the work was done, at this time everything is good and I enjoy my new smile. Thank you! Svetlana Sacuka
Gerry Rimes
Gerry Rimes
I was apprehensive in the beginning but was recommended by my work colleague.although my treatment has changed I can't praise dentares enough.honest practice polite, patient and understanding.thank you all including the drivers who pick us for appointment and airport.will be back in 6 months to finish my treatment. Your a credit to your work, wonderful people.i now have had my second visit.if you your thinking about treatment think no further.these people are fantastic .helpful..polite,caring,and lots more.i will return in a years time for checkup.thanl you all for your kindness,advice and most of all your professional help.you gave me back my confidence and happiness.you gave me hope when I needed it.it doesn't matter how modern things may be,what matters most is people,that's what's dentures smile is all about.would like to thank Svetlana for looking after my needs while with you and at hotel.all these little touches make the difference.i won't go anywhere else now but will always come back for health checks with dentares smile clinic
Andy H
Andy H
Last summer, in desperate need of a new smile, I decided to investigate dental tourism. Having heard a few horror stories about Turkey teeth I did a bit of research and came across the Dentares Smile website. It appeared to be well laid out informative and very professional with a clear pricing structure, so I decided to get in contact with the clinic. The first person I spoke with was Melody in sales. She had a relaxed easy charm about her and after several WhatsApp video calls I was sold. I was then sent over a draft treatment plan and after confirming my flights my first visit to Antalya was arranged for September. Upon my arrival in Antalya on 6 Sep I was picked up from the airport by Dentares’ driver and taken to the hotel included in the cost of my treatment. The standard of accommodation was excellent. The next day I was picked up in the morning and driven to clinic where I was warmly greeted by one of the lovely young receptionists. After a friendly chat with the head honcho Dt. Öyküm Dilek to firm up my treatment plan, I was introduced to the lovely Seçil the practice manager who took the payment for my first round of treatment then introduced me to Svetlana, Dentares’ patient relations 😎 representative who informed me that treatment would begin on Saturday afternoon. It was then back to my hotel to relax and enjoy their pool and the wonderful weather for a couple of days. On Saturday, I was driven to the clinic to have the Straumann implants put in. The most painful part of the procedure for me were the injections. The implantation process itself was uncomfortable rather than painful. Unfortunately, Dt. Özkan my implantologist determined that my bone structure wasn’t strong enough (most likely due to my age) for immediate loading of crowns onto the implants and I would have to wait another 3-6 months for my bone to ossify around the implants before this could take place. So, after sunning myself for a few more days it was back to the UK to eat lots of ice cream and gurn at my friends and family over the festive season. I arrived in Antalya for my second round of treatment on Sunday 3 March. On Monday morning it was time to meet Dt. Özkan again to surgically expose the implants. Again, the most painful part of the process were the injections. In the afternoon it time for my first appointment with Dt. Seçil Azizoğlu the aesthetic dentist. After another round of painful injections my remaining lower teeth were ground down to accept the veneers that were to be placed on them. This was where we ran into the only significant issue during my entire time with Dentares. After my lower teeth had been worked on the bleeding from my gums just wouldn’t clot, again probably due to my age, and my blood pressure being higher than normal after a couple of hours in the chair. After waiting an hour or so for the bleeding to stop it was decided that it would be for the best to continue my treatment on Wednesday. On Wednesday impressions were taken, and after discussing the choices for colour and shape of my new teeth with Svetlana and Dt. Seçil, they were sent off to the Dentares’ lab to make the zirconia implant crowns and veneers. On Thursday it was time for my first fitting. After my new teeth were worked on in situ by Dt. Seçil for a couple of hours (the lady is a perfectionist) they were taken out again and shipped back to the lab for minor adjustments and polishing. On Friday it was time for my second and final fitting. In they went and after another hour or so of checking, grinding, and further checking by the awesome Dt. Azizoğlu it was time to look in the mirror. Wow, just wow. Carey Grant, eat your heart out 😁 On Saturday, after one last visit to the clinic to sign paperwork and say my goodbyes I was driven to the airport by my friendly chauffeur Ziya to fly back to the UK for a new and better life. So, would I recommend Dentares Smile Clinic? 100% Thank you so very much, folks 🙏 Hope to see you all again one day 🖖🙂
Devlet Butaev
Devlet Butaev
После переезда я искал ортодонта, который бы продолжил начатое в России лечение. Очень рад, что нашел эту клинику. Врач очень вдумчивый и нашел оптимальное решение, что было непросто, пришлось креативить:) в итоге успешно закончил лечение. Друзьям рекомендую эту клинику и по другим вопросам с зубами, очень удобно, что можно всё обсудить на ресепшен со Светланой на русском. Все друзья тоже остались довольны. Поэтому рекомендую от души:)
Alfred Ferner
Alfred Ferner
Professionelles Team Super Beratung Und man fühlt sich wohl und in gute Hände! Kann diese Klinik nur empfehlen! Gruss Fredy…
corinne tassell
corinne tassell
Really recommend this dental clinic I have had bone grafting, sinus lifts, implants and a full set of crowns !! I couldn’t be more happier. I am such a baby but these guys made me feel so much more at ease, I can’t believe I did it but wow am I glad I did ! Do not hesitate to ask for any information from Dentares they are friendly & professionals & the best value. And just to add how amazing Dentares is, it is in Beautiful Antalya Turkey.
Saleh Khani
Saleh Khani
Professional team
Thomas Gaehwiler
Thomas Gaehwiler
Very professional and friendly. I am very happy with my new smile.

In the realm of dental care, innovations are continually reshaping the landscape, providing patients with more efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing solutions. Among these advancements, Celtra Crowns stand out as a revolutionary choice for those seeking dental excellence. In this essay, we delve into the world of dental crowns, focusing on the remarkable benefits offered by Celtra Crowns in Turkey, and how they address the diverse needs of patients in London and beyond.

Understanding Dental Crowns in Turkey: A Shield for Your Smile

Dental crowns in Turkey, often referred to as caps, are custom-fitted covers placed over damaged or weakened teeth. They serve a dual purpose – restoring the tooth’s functionality while enhancing its appearance. With the rising demand for dental solutions that seamlessly blend durability and aesthetics, Celtra Crowns emerge as a leading contender.

Why to get Celtra Crowns in Turkey? Unveiling the Innovation

  1. Cutting-Edge Technology: CEREC and Same-Day Solutions

Celtra Crowns in Turkey are synonymous with cutting-edge technology, specifically CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics). This innovative system allows for the creation of high-quality ceramic crowns on the same day, eliminating the need for multiple appointments and temporary crowns. For those searching for “same day crowns near me,” Celtra Crowns offer unparalleled convenience.

  1. Aesthetic Precision: Front Tooth Crown Expertise

Front tooth crown cost is often a concern for individuals looking to enhance their smiles. Celtra Crowns in Turkey, with their precision and lifelike appearance, cater to those seeking front tooth crown solutions. The aesthetic excellence of Celtra Crowns ensures a seamless blend with natural teeth, boosting confidence in every smile.

3. Budget-Friendly Excellence: Low-Cost Dental Crowns

Cost is a significant consideration for many patients. Celtra Crowns strike a balance between quality and affordability. For those searching for “low-cost dental crowns near me” or “cheap dental crowns near me,” Celtra Crowns provide an economical yet high-quality solution.

4. Global Excellence: Best Place to Get Teeth Done in Turkey

Looking beyond geographical boundaries, Celtra Crowns have gained popularity as the best choice for dental enhancements, even internationally. The phrase “best place to get teeth done in Turkey” resonates with individuals seeking world-class dental care at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Accessibility: Dental Crowns Near Me

For those looking for local solutions, the accessibility of Celtra Crowns is evident in searches for “dental crowns near me” or “same day dental crowns near me.” The widespread availability of this innovative dental solution ensures that patients can benefit from the technology in their own communities.

Affordable Excellence: Average Cost of Dental Crown 2024

The average cost of dental crowns in 2024 can vary, but Celtra Crowns offer a cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality. Individuals seeking “affordable crowns near me” will find Celtra Crowns to be a reliable and budget-friendly choice.

Conclusion: Celtra Crowns  Elevating Dental Care

In conclusion, Celtra Crowns in Turkey have emerged as a game-changer in the realm of dental care, combining technological innovation, aesthetic precision, and affordability. Whether you’re in London or searching for the best dental care globally, Celtra Crowns offer a solution that transcends geographical boundaries. As we navigate the evolving landscape of dental advancements, Celtra Crowns continue to stand out, unlocking smiles and transforming the way we approach dental care.