UK patients considering veneer treatment should first consider the pros and cons of dental veneer treatment locally or abroad. There are a few advantages and disadvantages worth discussing so the reader can make an informed choice. Before we jump into it, what is a dental veneer? Well a dental veneer or otherwise known as a partial crown, is an aesthetic restoration that covers the front of the anterior (front) teeth including the premolar teeth. Patients can have a few or they can use dental veneers for a smile makeover; usually 8 or 10 teeth per jaw. For more information about veneers visit our dental veneer page. This blog will discuss the pros and cons of dental veneer smile makeovers in the UK and Turkey. The aspects that vary according to country are: Expertise of doctors, comfort in Turkey and at the clinic, and treatment price. Let’s explore doctors’ experience firstly…

Veneers UK vs Turkey
Veneers UK vs Turkey

Turkish and English dentists are accredited with doctorate degrees in General Dentistry and then study another 4 years of Prosthodontics to be a specialist. If a UK dentist does 5 years then they will finish with a PhD of Prosthodontics. So the difference essentially is the UK Prosthodontist has an extra year of study. But does this really matter in the long run if they aren’t experienced? When considering the right clinic and physician for you. Take into account the experience and reputation the doctor and clinic has. In order to master a craft, repeated exposure to the field is essential to hone their skills and gain experience in a variety of patient conditions.

Dentares has 5 treatment rooms available with 5 full-time Prosthodontists and Aesthetic doctors which can be fully booked every day for 9 months of the year to accommodate locals and dental tourists alike. The other 3 months aren’t full speed but are still operating each day. Readers can meet all our doctors by heading over to the ‘About Us’ page.

The UK does not have the international influx of dental tourists as Turkey does, nor is veneer treatment affordable or offered under the NHS guidelines. You have to wonder, how much more experience does a Turkish doctor have if they’re seeing 10x as many patients than a UK doctor. For these reasons, UK dentists simply do not compare in experience with Turkish Dentists.

Dentares make you feel welcomed like inviting a friend over for a barbeque

Hosting has been a long-standing tradition of Turkish culture and so our patients always feel safe and cared for. Whether it’s the VIP transfer service, clinic, physicians, staff, or our boutique and 5-star Hotels. Our patients can feel comfortable everywhere they go. Not to mention, Antalya city is an amazing mediterranean holiday destination. With Roman and Ottoman empire era ruins and buildings to share a dining experience in the Mediterranean sun and sea, and Turkey’s cultural and religious experiences. The GBP to Turkish Lira average exchange rate from the last 6 months, 1st July to the 28th of December 2022 is £1 to ₺21.45. Giving UK tourists the economic benefit for an affordable and enjoyable dental holiday. It’s easy to see why Turkey is a favoured health and holiday destination.

Without getting too distracted by Antalya city’s experience, let’s refocus on the patient’s clinic experience. At Dentares, specialist doctors are assigned for each stage of treatment, ensuring patients are tended to by experts for each treatment, every step of the way. That is Dentares’ mission.

From the service of our dental team setting up the patient’s logistics, the fresh tea or coffee upon arrival to the clinic, and the consultation experience with the Head Physician. Dentares make you feel welcomed like inviting a friend over for a barbeque. That’s how we endeavour to make our readers feel when they trust Dentares with their dental treatments.


A Dentares Emax dental veneer Smile Makeover is 62% cheaper than the UK’s porcelain smile makeover.

The average cost of veneers in the UK haven’t been reported by a recent news source so the data has been drawn by researching multiple private practice’s veneer costs reported on their websites. By using a basic google search ‘what is the average cost of a dental veneer in the UK’, the average cost of a porcelain veneer lies between £450 and £1000 each. The clinics charge extras such as: Consultation + 3D scan ~£120, digital design mock-up ~£460, and gum contouring ~£645. It’s easy to see how a smile makeover can become quite expensive in the UK. By using an average price of the costs given, £725 per porcelain veneer on 8 lower and 8 upper teeth plus the consultation and gum contouring is £12,365.

Veneers UK vs Turkey
Veneers UK vs Turkey

While the cost in Turkey will always include consultation, x-ray, pre-operative cleaning, gum contouring, VIP transfer service and accommodation complimentary with all smile makeovers. At Dentares Smile Clinic, we have a selection of 3 veneer materials to choose from. Our range of materials are porcelain, zirconia and Emax. Our premium Emax material is world-class in terms of quality and aesthetic which provides a much more natural translucency, closer to our tooth enamel than porcelain is able to achieve. Dentares Emax dental veneers are £300 each. So if we were to compare the same smile makeover of 16 teeth, the price would be £4,800. A Dentares Emax dental veneer Smile Makeover is 62% cheaper than the UK’s porcelain smile makeover.

In summary, doctor’s expertise & skills, dental holiday experience in Turkey & within the clinic and veneer price are important factors for the reader to consider when choosing to have dental veneer smile makeover treatment locally or abroad. While on their dental holiday, patients enjoy the Mediterranean sun & sea and the Turkish hospitality and culture. To choose Dentares for your smile makeover means patients have access to highly skilled specialists at a fraction of the price. With our most premium materials over 60% cheaper than the price-averaged standard materials of the UK. If you are considering dental veneer smile makeover treatment, contact our dental team for an online consultation and treatment plan, today.