Derek Samuel

Happy Patient

Patient:Derek Samuel
Treatment time:3 month

Patient complaints: Derek presented with an infected wisdom tooth and a large missing gap on the upper left posterior side. He complained of tooth aches and felt he wanted a smile makeover.

Treatment plan: The infected wisdom tooth needed to be removed and for a symmetrical and comfortable bite closure, required implants on the upper left posterior side. Because of the bite force and space in this molar area, implants are a required treatment to provide structure and longevity to Derek’ smile makeover.

2 Megagen® dental implant

1 Tooth extraction

3 Root canal treatment

27 Zirconia crowns

Treatment time: 3 months

Result: Derek was an ideal candidate for implant treatment. The surgeon used two Megagen® dental implants for the upper left posterior region. Because the patient was cooperative and the bone structure was healthy and of good quality, implant treatment was finished in 10 minutes. For gaps on the lower side in the posterior region, bridges were a more immediate and appropriate solution for the size of gaps. Derek needed 3 root treatments to avoid prolonged sensitivity with full mouth zirconia crown smile makeover.