Jamie Pearce

Happy Patient

Patient:Jamie Pearce
Treatment time:5 days

Patient complaints: Jamie presented with extensive grounding and chipping damage to the front teeth, lower and upper jaw. One tooth was broken above the gingival line. Front teeth were misshapen, discoloured, broken and small. There were previous composite fillings applied to the front teeth for protection and aesthetic.

Treatment plan: Jamie presented with extensive damage to the anterior (front) region and most of the lower jaw. To further protect Jamie from further damage and provide him with a smile makeover, Jamie took full mouth (28) zirconia crowns.

28 Zirconia crowns

1 root canal treatment

Treatment time: 5 days

Result: Jamie received one root canal treatment to reduce sensitivity. He opted for our full zirconia crowns, smile makeover. By taking into account Jamie’s facial features and symmetry, we are able to build up Jamie’s original tooth size. Jamie’s crowns were fitted in sets of 4-6 because if crowns were placed individually; Jamie’s bruxism would cause teeth to shift position and cause more damage. To fix Jamie’s orthodontic issues, it would take 2-3 years. However, the full smile makeover provides immediate results.