Claire Skerrett

Happy Patient

Patient:Claire Skerrett
Treatment time:3 month

Patient Complaints: Claire presented with a broken tooth, multiple caries and almost all teeth had multiple previous restorations. Claire also had abscesses, advanced bone loss of both jaws with 2 invaded sinuses. She could eat food without sharp pains. Claire informed us how previous dental treatment had her traumatised which led to severe dental anxiety. Initially Claire wanted general anaesthesia for implant treatment however after meeting our doctors, staff and seeing the clinic, she felt comfortable enough to continue with local anaesthesia. Had the patient not had treatment, the infections could eventually reach the sinus and cause sinusitis and further complications.

Treatment plan: Claire presented with advanced bone loss and severely damaged and wobbly teeth. So Dr. Oykum recommended the all on 4 implant system for Claire for her smile makeover. Global D® implants were used for their higher quality and increased lifetime.

13 Teeth extractions

8 Global-D® implants

2 Full (12) zirconia arches

Treatment time: 3 months

Result: Claire had her teeth extracted and 8 Global D® implants were placed using the all on 4 implant method. The all on 4 system gives evenly distributed bite force over a full arch (12 teeth per jaw). Claire followed the after-care advice of the surgeon and so all implants healed effectively and all signs of infection were cleared upon her second visit. Claire left happy with a brand new smile thanks to her Dentares Smile Makeover.