Leighton Walker

Happy Patient

Patient:Leighton Walker
Treatment time:5 days

Patient complaints: Leighton presented with an overcrowding issue on the bottom jaw, discolouration and a grinding issue that caused chipping, a broken tooth and two thirds of the jaws had evidence of grinding wear.

Treatment plan: Leighton needed a broken tooth extracted and a protruding tooth extracted to make a straight smile line possible. 22 zirconia crowns were recommended for a smile makeover. Masseter botox to solve his bruxism and protect his restorations.

2 extraction

5 root canals

Masseter botox

22 zirconia crowns (colour BL2?)

Treatment time: 5 days

Result: A broken molar was extracted and the patient chose to have a dental bridge system. A front tooth was extracted to make room for a symmetrical, straight front bite. Five root treatments were required for the bottom front teeth to avoid sensitivity. Then 22 zirconia crowns were placed on the smile area. Bruxism was very evident and so a botox injection was applied to the masseter muscles to immediately stop the bruxism symptoms. Leighton’s smile is now symmetrical, bleach white and confident. A night guard was given to avoid damage to restorations.