Lee Wooding

Happy Patient

Patient:Lee Wooding
Treatment time:6 months

Patient complaints: Lee presented with only 1 posterior (back) tooth and so all her front teeth had been doing all the chewing that posterior teeth would normally do. This meant her teeth were worn and sensitive.

Treatment plan: All teeth were healthy enough to support smile makeover treatments so no extractions were necessary. Lee needed support and structure in the posterior of her jaws so 4 implants were recommended for each jaw. The upper left posterior side needed sinus lifting, bone grafts and 3 implants. The surgeon was able to use high quality implants in this area to reduce the healing time by 3 months. During the aesthetic phase, Lee’s teeth were quite sensitive so to ease the day-to-day pain, 10 root canals were needed.

8 Megagen® dental implants

1 Sinus lifting

10 root canal treatment

24 Zirconia crowns

Treatment time: 6 months

Result: Lee was a cooperative patient. She listened to the surgeon’s post-operative advice and followed it strictly. It was because of this the risks of introducing implants in combination with sinus lifting was mitigated. She showed great healing in all implant areas. The choice to complete treatment in 2 visits and 6 months rather than 3 visits and 9 months was to reduce the trauma to the patients emotional and physical well being and minimise the total treatment time. Lee needed 10 root canal treatments  because of the skewed alignment, deep caries and bruxism issues.