Jackie Groom

Happy Patient

Patient:Jackie Groom
Treatment time:3 months

Patient complaints: Jackie presented with multiple cavities and only 4 upper teeth which made chewing quite difficult. Over time, bone had receded away from the teeth leaving them wobbly and the sinus invaded the bone structure. Jackie complained of headaches and constant gum soreness.

Treatment plan: Jackie had 10 tooth extractions, 2 infections (abscesses) on the upper jaw cleaned, 4 implants placed to the upper jaw and 6 implants placed to the lower jaw. 2 Full zirconia arches were then attached 3 months later with 12 teeth per jaw.

10 Tooth extractions
2 Abscess cleans
4 Megagen® dental implants on upper jaw
6 Megagen® dental implants on lower jaw
12-12 Zirconia Arches

Treatment time: 3 months

Result: Jackie received 4 implants to the upper jaw because the sinuses had invaded her bone structure. Whereas the lower jaw had a good amount of healthy bone structure for the all on 6 implant treatment. Jackie had no peculiarities about her smile makeover other than the infections that were removed which resulted in her headaches and gum pains disappearing. Jackie chose the B1 colour for a natural look.