Maria Soares

Happy Patient

Patient:Maria Soares
Treatment time:3 months

Patient complaints: Maria presented with only her bottom canine teeth and extensive bone loss on the upper and lower jaw. She had lost her teeth likely two decades ago. The sinuses had invaded the upper jaw, leaving no available bone structure on the upper jaw.

Treatment plan: Maria came for a consultation and the doctors quickly realised this was a zygoma case. There was no other option available for Maria to receive a fixed denture. Zygoma implants differ from the traditional dental implant by utilising the cheekbone instead of the jawbone for support. The all on 4 implant technique was used for the bottom jaw.

3 Zygoma Nobel dental implants

5 Global D® dental implants

Masseter Botox

2 full zirconia arches

Treatment time: 3 months

Result: Maria underwent general anaesthesia for zygoma treatment and required 3 months to heal. After 3 months the bone had fully integrated with the standard implants and zygoma implants. The implants were now ready to support dentures. She then received two fixed full zirconia arches (dentures). Maria had previously used uncomfortable removable dentures and now is able to have fixed dentures for a much more enjoyable quality of life. Maria’s case goes to show that despite the oral conditions, Dentares believes there is always hope for a smile makeover.