Julian Harris

Happy Patient

Patient:Julian Harris
Treatment time:5 days

Patient complaints: Julian had presented with: an anterior crossbite with class 3 bite (lower jaw teeth in front of upper jaw), severe bruxism that resulted in ground down teeth, a large cavity on a lower anterior tooth and type 2 diabetes.

Treatment plan: All of Julians complaints are able to be resolved using full mouth crowns and so it was recommended. Julian’s blood sugar was too high for implant surgery and he also declined to go through with implants. So dental bridges were recommended for his case.

1 Root treatment

28 Zirconium crown

Treatment time: 5 days

Result: Julian’s teeth were able to be built back up to a natural, pre-bruxism smile line level. Full mouth crowns also solved his anterior cross bite and class 3 bite problems without intervention of orthodontic treatments.